The Emerald Islands

Ross Island

It is just a 20 minute Sea Journey from Phoenix Bay Port (Boats, Cruises and Port Charters are frequently available from Phoenix Bay Port, at par daily except Wednesdays)

Ross Island was the erstwhile capital of these Andaman & Nicoar Islands. On this island, people can relish the ruins of buildings built during British regime such as of Church, Printing Press, Government Offices, Power House, Tennis Court, Bakery, Pond etc. A Graveyard of Britishers surrounded by Coconut & Palm Trees can also be seen here. On the other side of the Islands within a walking distance lies a beautiful Beach to lure Visitors & Tourists. The Island is the home of Deers and Peacocks.

A Museum under the banner "Smrithika" (collection of Old Records) is currently being maintained by Indian Navy on this island to exhibit the visitors / tourists of the Photographs, Documentaries and Photo Copies of Letters dictating the story of Ross Island at those times. Photography is not allowed on these Islands until a valid Ticket / Pass is obtained from the Authorities to do so.

North Bay Island

It is just a 20 minute Sea Journey from Phoenix Bay Port (Boats, Cruises and Port Charters are frequently available from Phoenix Bay Port, at par daily except Wednesdays)

North Bay Island also known as the Coral Islands is blessed with Exotic Marine Life. The White Sand Beaches on this Island is covered with Pristine & Tranquil Beauty of Nature. The undersea here is housed with beautiful and Exotic Coral Reefs, which can be viewed from Glass Bottom Boats; while the Exquisite Marine Life and Aquatic Ecology offers visitors / tourists a genuine place for Water Adventure Activities like Snorkeling, Sea Walking & Scuba Diving.

Other water sports activities like speed boat, water scooter, banana rides and others add up an extra charm to this island. The Island is considered as a serene beautiful tourist destination and can be approached by Ferries originating from Phoenix Bay Port at Port Blair. A journey to this Island will leave the traveler in a complete enthusiasm.

Viper Island

It is just a 20 minute Sea Journey from Phoenix Bay Port (Boats, Cruises and Port Charters are frequently available from Phoenix Bay Port, at par daily except Wednesdays)

Viper Island (also known as the First Jail) as the name is, was named after the British Trading Ship - "Viper". The British built a Jail, with yellow colored bricks, by 1867 which was used to harbor convicts and was later abandoned after the completion of the Cellular Jail in 1906. The Island ("Jail") was the place of Penal Settlement for the Freedom Fighters of India. The ruins of the Gallows atop Hillock can be witnessed here describing the sufferings and sacrifices by the Indian Freedom Fighters during post independence.

Viper Island is considered as a calm and beautiful tourist destination and can be approached by Harbor Cruise originating from Phoenix Bay Port at Port Blair. This Island has an eco-friendly environment with historical tales along with mesmerizing picnic spots with natural picturesque scenes which makes this island a must visit spot for visitors / tourists.

Chatham Island

The entire Island houses the Oldest & the Biggest Saw Mill in Asia estalished in 1883 and a Jetty for Inter-Island Transits...

The Chatham Island is a Tiny Island near Port Blair connected by a Bridge over the Sea. The Island has nothing but the only Saw Mill (Oldest & Largest in Asia). The Mill was established in 1883 for fulfilling the demand of Sawn Timber to the Local Public for constructing Houses and other covered structures of Public Interests.

The Mill was destroyed by bomb attacks in the IInd World War and again it gained its existence in the mid of Forties and Fifties by salvaging the old machineries, hence once again fulfilling the requirements of Sawn Timber to the Local Residents.

The annual intake of Timber by the Saw Mill lies between 15,000 – 20,000 Cubic Meter. The Store-house constitutes of Sawn Timber's like "The Andaman Padauk" ("Andaman's Premier Timber"), Gurjan, Marble, Satin Wood, etc. etc.

Jolly Buoy & Red Skin Islands

These Islands are located in the vicinity of the "Mahatma Gandhi National Park" and are declared as "No Plastic Zones". The Islands are a heaven of Corals & Crystal Clear Waters which can be witnessed by a Glass Bottom Boat and are open for visits only for 6 months alternately...

These Islands are rich in Marine Life and are adored for Sea Water Adventures like Snorkeling & Scuba Diving. Visitors & Tourists also come here for Game / Sport Fishing.

The Journey starts from port Blair to Wandoor Beach (approx. 30 KM from Port Blair) and from here you have to proceed either to Jolly Buoy or to Red Skin Island by Ferry or by Cruise if available which takes almost 01 (One) Hour from Wandoor Beach. No Food or other item(s) of refreshment are available here on these Islands, so one has to carry them along either from Port Blair or from Wandoor.

Both these Islands are No Plastic Zone Islands; hence all the Plastic Items will be detained at Wandoor Beach which will be returned back to the individuals on returning from these Islands. Still one can carry Plastic Items to these Islands by depositing a sum of INR 100/- as Security against each Plastic Item(s) they carry, which will again be refunded back to the individuals on returning from these Islands upon showing & verifying the Items they carried. In addition to this a small amount of Fee will be charged from individuals against the Camera(s) they are carrying and please note that this is non-refundable.

Baratang Island (The Jarawa Reserve Zone)

The Island is located between Middle & South Andaman Islands. The main attractions of this Island are the Limestone Caves, the Mud Volcano, the Mangrove Creeks and a little far the Parrot Island. The Island is further honored by Baludera, Nayadera & Roglachang Beaches...

The Limestone Caves (about 50 minutes Boat Ride from the Jetty) are a collection of Icicles (Stalactites and Stalagmites) of Lime, The Mud Volcano (about 04 kilometers from the Jetty) is formed by eruption of Bubbles from the earth underneath. These are again garlanded with Mangroves along a long and sneak Creek. A little far on a small Island (the Parrot Island) is the home for Parrots, and to admire this beauty one has to stay overnight at Baratang while all the other activities can be covered in one single day.

Baratang Island in general has a beautiful coast line enriched with marine diversity, mangrove creeks and tropical dense forest which offers activities like Jungle Trekking, Creek Safari, Island Camping, Bird Watching and other Water Sports Activities, while the Baludera & Nayadera Beaches offer mesmerizing Beach Tours for the Tourists.

The Journey (approx. 110 KM from Port Blair) starts at 04:00 AM in the morning as the convoy (which starts at 08:00 AM IST sharp) is escorted by Police through a thick and dense forest (approx. 50 KM in length) which is otherwise called the Jarawa Reserve Area (it is the home of the Native Tribes - "JARAWAS"). The Visitors & Tourists are not allowed to take Photos around here; the Cameras used for capturing the same will be seized by the Authorities of the defaulters.

Havelock Island

The major attractions of this Island are the Three Beaches; the Radhanagar Beach, the Elephanta Beach and the Vijay Nagar Beach.

Havelock is endowed with Bewitching Sandy Beaches, Lush Green Forest and Coral Gardens. With Radha Nagar Beach (approx. 12 kilometers from Jetty) being one of the finest and ranked No. 7 in Asia by TIME MAGAZINE while Elephanta Beach (also known as Hathi Tapu) packed with Sallow Water best suited for Snorkeling; Havelock offers Tourists & Visitors a complete holiday theme where one can go for Island Camping (with proper permissions), Snorkeling, Scuba Diving and Game / Sport / Country Fishing. You can also find Elephants on this Island.

The Journey starts from Phoenix Bay Harbor at Port Blair by early morning. Havelock (approx. 57 kilometers from port Blair) is around 2–2½ Hours Journey in Government run Speed Boat and 1–1½ Hours Journey by Makcruzz or by Coastal Cruise - both Private Cruise Services; and is a little expensive than the Government Speed Boat. Havelock has daily Boat/Cruise/Ferry Services from and to Port Blair and Neil Island.

Neil Island

This Island is close to Havelock filled with White Sandy Beaches, Lush Green Forest and Coral Reefs; and is also called as the Vegetable Bowl of Andamans.

The Island provides Tourists & Visitors with Eco-Friendly Environment full of Fresh Air, Greenery, Banana Plantations, Tropical Forest, Sandy Beaches and Village Life. The major attractions on these Islands are the three Beaches; the Laxmanpur Beach, the Bharatpur Beach, the Sitapur Beach (known for the best Sun Shine Point) and the Natural Bridge Formation on the Sea Shore called as Howra Bridge. The Island also offers Tourists & Visitors a complete holiday environment where one can go for Island Camping (with proper permissions), Snorkeling, Scuba Diving and Game / Sport / Country Fishing.

The Journey starts from Phoenix Bay Harbor at Port Blair by early morning. Neil Island is about 2–2½ Hours (approx. 36 KM from Port Blair) Journey in Government run Speed Boat. The Private Cruises (Makruzz & Coastal Cruise) also connect Neil with Havelock which takes around 1 Hour 15 Mins and Port Blair which takes around 2–2½ Hours.

Cinque Island

Waters around Cinque Island has a visibility range of more than 60 feets...

Cinque Island (also known as Twin Islands and forms a part of Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park) is divided into North and South Cinque which are connected together by a sandbar; and is situated 26 Kms from Port Blair which can be accessed by chartered ferries & boats with proper permission from the Forest Department.

No human inhabitation is found on this islands, but this islands and its surrounding sea is very rich in Flora & Fauna and has been declared as a Marine Sanctuary housing variety of Coral Reefs, Sea Weeds, Shells, Colorful Fishes, Starfishes, Sea Anemones (marine polyps that resemble flowers), Salt Water Crocodiles, Turtles and the most dangerous the Water Snakes. This island offers a wide ambience for Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Game / Sport Fishing, but night stay is not permitted here unless a proper permission is obtained from the concerned authorities…

Barren Island – (the Volcano Island)

The Only Active Volcano in South Asia...

This Volcano lies here in Andaman & Nicobar Group of Islands in the Indian Territory, situated towards the Eastern Part of Andamans (approx. 135 KMs by Sea from Port Blair). The first Volcanic eruption was noted in the year 1787 and the last volcanic eruption was noted in the year 2006. As the name suggest the Island does not consist of human inhabitants; but the natural inhabitant like the Wild Goats sustain their livelihood by drinking sea water.

Tourists & Visitors can visit Barren Islands by Board Vessels but no one is allowed to get on to the Island. The Tourists / Visitors can view the Breathtaking View of the Island and the Volcano from the Boarded Vessel. The Major activity around this Island is Game / Sport Fishing.

Ross & Smith Islands

They are also known as Twin Islands...

Ross and Smith Islands are Twin Islands joined by a bewitching Sand Bar and is approx. 30 Minutes journey from Aerial Bay Harbor or Kalipur Water Sports Centre, Diglipur. Diglipur is also well known for "Turtle Nesting" where Turtles from various parts of the world come here for hatching eggs...   to wind-up this Island lures Tourists and Visitors who prefer to be away from the hustle and humdrum of urban life; an ideal place for Swimming and Sun Basking.

Visitors & Tourists can go Trekking on Saddle Peak (the highest peak in Andamans...) from Kalipur and can indulge themselves in other activities like Bird Watching, Jungle Trekking or Trail Hiking and Island Camping (with proper permissions and equipments) while Snorkeling, Scuba Diving and Game / Sport Fishing are the major activities on these islands.